5 Tools to Gain Competitive Advantage
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"5 Tools to Gain Competitive Advantage"

This eBook describes five tools available to managers that help them to gain a competitive advantage within their market sector, helping you acquire the skills needed to perform your role effectively.

These tools will assist you in defining the best strategy to attain your desired business goal.   

It describes the following tools: 

  • Porter’s Four Corners Model 
  • Kay’s Distinctive Capabilities Framework 
  • Ohmae’s 3C Model 
  • VRIO Analysis 
  • Weisbord’s Six-Box Model 

Each tool helps management to align its activities, resources, relationships and processes in a way that ensures the organization benefits in terms of the advantage it gains over its competitors. These tools are the most commonly used amongst managers as part of their decision-making and strategy  process.  

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