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Why Am I Receiving Emails from partners with thousands of web publishers to offer free professional content to their visitors. When a visitor of or one of's publisher sites requests to download or subscribe to a piece of content the visitor must create a professional profile to complete the request. All requested content is delivered via email to the email address provided by the visitor. If a visitor requests a magazine subscription, the visitor will receive follow-up email regarding that subscription request. will send a confirmation email that contains information regarding the request (example shown right). Because often sends confirmation emails on behalf of our publishers' sites will send up to two additional follow-up emails to the visitor to ensure that they have received the email and have downloaded the requested content. These confirmation emails are only sent when/if the user does not take the initiative to open the document they originally requested. will only send a visitor an email if an email address has been provided to request content. The nature of this email is transactional, based upon the visitor's request; a visitor cannot unsubscribe from confirmation/transactional emails.

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To complete a request for content from or one of's publisher sites a visitor must become a member by creating a professional profile. The professional profile includes an option to subscribe to the free email newsletter. By subscribing, members will receive an email from when new content is available that aligns with their professional profile and interests (example shown right). This newsletter and all content is offered to members for free. Members can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time via the unsubscribe link in the header and footer of the email.

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