Gigaom Analyst Report: The Power of Hadoop as a Service
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"Gigaom Analyst Report: The Power of Hadoop as a Service"

From Gigaom Research, important considerations before deploying Hadoop on premises.

This industry analyst report describes important considerations when planning a Hadoop implementation. While some companies have the skill and the will to build, operate, and maintain large Hadoop clusters of their own, a growing number are choosing not to make investments in-house and are looking to the cloud. In this report Gigaom Research explores:

  • How large Hadoop clusters behave differently from the small groups of machines developers typically use to learn
  • What models are available for running a Hadoop cluster, and which is best for specific situations
  • What are the costs and benefits of using Hadoop-as-a-Service
With Hadoop delivered as a Service from trusted providers such as Altiscale, companies are able to focus less on managing and optimizing Hadoop and more on the business insights Hadoop can deliver.

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