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MYRON CORPORATION Deploys V-locity® I/O Reduction Software, Sees Dramatic Boost of File Server Performance

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"MYRON CORPORATION Deploys V-locity® I/O Reduction Software, Sees Dramatic Boost of File Server Performance"

1/5th the Time! Processing Times for Larger Art Files on the Server Dropped from 5 Minutes to 1 Minute

When files weren’t loading, IT was hearing about it: "Help! The art browser is stuck!” and “No new images since 9:53 am!" were complaints from the art department. With hours adding up to days of lost productivity, all eyes were on IT to solve performance problems and get files moving again.

Personalized products mean big art files constantly being accessed from file servers and transferred across the network. If those files aren't moving fast enough, or they’re loading with errors, the art department can’t get work done and projects won’t be completed on time. "It's pretty simple—we're talking about files not moving fast enough and art not processing properly," says Giuseppe DeBari, Network Manager, whose team supports users on the WAN, LAN, and globally.

Myron's art department was accustomed to the status quo: alerting IT that files weren’t coming in, or that the art browser was showing red, red, and more red. That is, until Giuseppe's team began an evaluation of V-locity® for virtual environments on a production file server.

"We started the evaluation in September and put it into our production environment," says Giuseppe. "We saw immediate performance improvement and all the complaints stopped." During the testing, he spoke with the Art Manager who confirmed data was moving a lot faster, and the team was much happier. "When the evaluation ended and V-locity was disabled, the complaints started again," he says. "But I wanted to be sure the improvement wasn't a fluke, or an effect of something other than V-locity." So the evaluation was extended and V-locity was re-enabled in production. Again the complaints stopped, and again the Art Manager confirmed the dramatic improvement in performance. "Processing time for some of the larger files went from five minutes down to one. And there were no issues of files loading with errors. That's when we knew we needed to buy," Giuseppe explains.

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