Understanding Agent Attrition: Costs, Causes and Preventive Tactics
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"Understanding Agent Attrition: Costs, Causes and Preventive Tactics"

Learn how to prevent agent attrition in your call center.

Losing a call center agent is never a good thing. It can end up costing your company money, time, morale and can have a significant impact on operations. It is therefore imperative that managers understand why agents leave their positions, what effect this has on the call center and how to engage in preventative measures in order to avoid the negative impact of high attrition rates.

This eBook will explain how to do just that. It covers the topics listed below and provides helpful information for call center managers seeking a better understanding of why agents leave their position and how to reduce attrition in their call center.

  • 5 Negative Effects of Agent Attrition
  • 9 Reasons Why Agents Quit Their Jobs
  • 5 Most Common Reasons Why Companies Fire Agents
  • 10 Steps to Help Reduce Agent Attrition in Call Centers
Download this eBook to learn about the costs associated with agent attrition, reasons why agents quit and are fired as well as how to reduce agent attrition in your call center.

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